Declaring the Major

Students are strongly encouraged to declare their major as soon as they have determined that they have an interest in the major and have met the requirements for declaration.

The English major is composed of 30 credits of Intermediate or Advanced level course work. It is ideally completed over the course of 4-5 semesters (two or three courses in the major per semester), though it is possible to complete the requirements in less time, particularly if summer courses are used but it becomes much more difficult.

In order to declare the major, students must complete the six credits of Literature (L) that is required for the L & S Humanities Breadth requirement. These credits do not have to be in the English Department.

More importantly, students who have met the requirements for declaration should make an appointment with the undergraduate advisor, Karen Redfield.

For Students Not in Letters & Science

Students wishing to declare must be in the College of Letters and Science or have the approval of their college if they are not an L&S student and wish to add English as an additional major.

Additional major guidelines by school or college